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Wednesday May 01, 2024

In the season finale of The grftf Podcast, host Misha da Vinci reflects on her insightful discussions with a diverse set of guests including brilliant authors, genius technologists, neuroscientists, policy experts and other leading thinkers. This episode provides a recap of the most impactful moments, covering a wide range of topics from neurotechnology, the evolution of AI, the ethics of big tech, AI policy, and privacy rights, to dark matter and the multiverse, and much more. Misha's journey from a human potential coach to a tech thinker and influencer highlights the crucial relationship between humans and technology in shaping the future. The episode emphasizes the importance of understanding and mastering our relationship with technology, aiming to make technology our servant, not our master. As the season concludes, Misha teases the next season's focus on solutions to current technological and societal problems and the potential of neuroscience in personal development.
00:00 Season Finale: Reflecting on a Journey of Discovery
01:09 Embracing Technology: The New Frontier of Human Potential
01:34 The grftf Podcast: A Beacon for the Future
02:06 Exploring the Neural Interface: The Future of Interaction with Nita Farahany
04:38 The Plurality of Futures: A Conversation with Tracey Follows
05:49 Containing Big Tech: Insights from Tom Kemp
08:19 The Allure of the Multiverse: A Dive into Physics with Paul Halpern
11:02 AI's Trajectory and Big Tech's Dominance: A Discussion with Amba Kak
14:22 Demanding Privacy Accountability: Daniel Solove's Perspective
19:43 The Optimistic Future: Rohit Bhargava's Vision
21:32 The Cognitive Age: John Nosta on AI and Human Thought
23:35 Smart Cities: Balancing Technology and Humanity with John Lorinc
25:48 Dr. Jennifer Sciubba on Demography in the 21st century, Preparing for an Aging Society & Workforce Resilience
28:00 The Impact of VR on Cultural Appreciation and Empathy with Alvin Wang Graylin
30:00 Navigating the Data-Driven World with Wendy Wong
32:19 The Rise of AI in the Workplace: An Investigative Look with Hilke Schellmann
35:34 Meditation and Creativity with Will Cady
41:56 The Neuroscience of You with Chantel Prat
44:46 Innovative Education with Ana Lorena Fabrega
46:03 Techno-Social Engineering and the Future with Brett Frischmann
48:26 Season Recap and Looking Ahead to Season Two 
Misha da Vinci is a futurologist and founder of grftf, a tech & media brand that is focused on preparing humanity for the future.
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Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

In this episode, Misha and Professor Brett Frischmann discuss how technology is re-engineering humanity. They cover a wide range of topics including the current techno-social landscape, how techno-social engineering works, the Human Focused Turing Test, how user interface design decisions shape what we want and what we think we want, why engineering the world for happiness is a bad idea, how to detect if you’re becoming a machine, and more.
“This episode will change everything you think you know about yourself.” 
00:00 Rethinking the Turing Test: A New Perspective
02:51 Introducing Brett Frischmann
06:08 Brett's Diverse Academic Journey
20:19 The Human Impact of Techno-Social Engineering
25:05 Reverse Turing Test: Evaluating Human & Machine Similarities
28:11 The Dangers and Potentials of Techno-Social Engineering
37:18 Challenging the Notion of Engineered Happiness
47:53 The Role of Technology in Shaping Human Preferences
51:13 Understanding Nudging in the Digital Age
53:20 The Influence of Digital Environments on Behavior
54:22 The Pitfalls of E-Contracting and Digital Agreements
56:33 The Evolution of Contract Law in the Digital Age
59:03 The Power Dynamics of Digital Contracting
01:00:05 Reconfiguring Society Through Techno-Social Systems
01:00:32 Challenging the Dominance of Big Tech
01:02:43 The Role of Large Language Models in Shaping Humanity
01:09:19 The Importance of Commons in a Techno-Social World
01:25:38 Building a Future: Governance, Commons, and Technological Balance
01:40:02 Final Thoughts and Future Directions
Connect with Professor Brett Frischmann
The book: Re-Engineering Humanity Home | Re-Engineering Humanity (
TEDx Talk:
Misha da Vinci is a futurologist & tech writer. She is the founder of grftf, a tech & media brand that is focused on getting humanity ready for the future.
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Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

This is a super cool and thought-provoking episode about new approaches to education. Misha da Vinci and edupreneur Ana Lorena Fábrega explore ways to transform schools so that students cultivate real-world skills, learn resilience and how to embrace challenges, and are prepared for an unpredictable future. They discuss how adults can keep learning no matter their age, especially given the need to adapt to the fast-changing world. They advocate for becoming generalists, leveraging technology wisely, and prioritizing lifelong learning. Ana's experiences visiting alternative schools worldwide shed light on practical methods for encouraging individuality and original thought and aim to inspire a shift towards more adaptive and enriching learning environments.
00:43 Introducing the grftf Podcast with Misha da Vinci
01:11 Meet Ana Lorena Fábrega: A Journey from Traditional Educator to Edupreneur
12:57 The Synthesis School: Revolutionizing Education
22:44 The Future of Education: Blending Traditional and Innovative Approaches
33:53 Unlearning to Succeed: Lessons for Adults
39:31 The Power of Embracing Failure
40:31 Unlearning the Need to Fit In
42:36 Rethinking Instruction: Fostering Initiative and Curiosity
44:35 Navigating the Future: The Importance of Questioning and Adaptability
46:30 The Dangers of Social Media and Technology on Young Minds
57:11 Embracing Generalism in the Age of AI
01:07:38 The Journey of Lifelong Learning and Curiosity
01:08:53 Exploring Alternative Education Models
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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist & tech writer. She is the founder of grftf, a tech & media brand that is focused on getting humanity ready for the future.
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Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Misha and cognitive neuroscientist Chantel Prat explore the brain's plasticity, the impact of experiences (both real and imagined), and the importance of individual cognitive differences in adapting to an AI-dominated future. The episode emphasizes the need to understand our brains, foster curiosity, and maintain a strong sense of self. The discussion also touches on practical advice for future readiness, including mindful consumption of information and self-knowledge training to leverage personal learning styles. With an eye towards personal growth, this conversation underscores the dynamic nature of individual development, advocating for a mindset of adaptability and continuous personal evolution in navigating the challenges of the 21st century.
01:49 Meet Chantel Prat: A Journey into Cognitive Neuroscience
02:45 Understanding Our Brains: The Key to Navigating the Future
02:59 The Human Brain vs. Technology: A Fascinating Comparison
05:25 The Impact of Fiction and Reality on Our Brains
07:16 Personal Insights: Chantel Prat's Life and Motivations
10:44 Exploring Consciousness and the Limits of Artificial Intelligence
22:54 The Brain's Role in Shaping Our Reality and Beliefs
36:38 The Dangers of Digital Echo Chambers and Brainwashing
40:10 Taking Control: Understanding and Protecting Our Brains
42:55 Exploring the Human Brain's Quest for Success
44:12 The Influence of Technology and Information on Success
44:43 Understanding Brain Hijacking and Control
45:20 Reclaiming Personal Definitions of Success
45:58 Political Influence on Personal Beliefs and Success
47:28 The Power of Identity and Learning in Shaping Success
49:27 Diving Deep into Focus: Automatic vs. Controlled Attention
56:54 The Importance of Adaptability in an Exponentially Changing World
01:02:25 Harnessing the Power of Curiosity for Learning and Adaptation
01:07:12 Fostering Curiosity: A Key to Navigating Change
01:18:22 Building Effective Teams with Diverse Brains and Perspectives
01:23:19 Future-Proofing Ourselves: Responsible Information Consumption
Connect with Chantel Prat
Get The Neuroscience of You
Misha da Vinci is a futurologist & tech writer. She is the founder of grftf, a tech & media brand that is focused on getting humanity ready for the future.
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Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

In this episode, host Misha da Vinci answers listener questions about technology, creativity, and prepping for the future. She emphasizes being adaptable, innovative, and entrepreneurial in a world rapidly changed by technology. Misha gives her insights on the impact of AI, deepfakes, and the loss of trust online, & she highlights the need for countermeasures. She also talks about the importance of a broad education, understanding technology, and maintaining a moral compass while wielding the power that come from mastery of tech. The ep ends with a positive outlook that emphasizes optimism and creativity as tools for navigating and shaping the future.
01:22 Why Another Podcast? The Unique Mission of The grftf Podcast
02:53 Decoding the Podcasts Name: Why is it pronounced grift?
03:55 AI's Impact: Are We Doomed or Is There Hope?
07:24 Deep Fakes: Navigating the New Age of Digital Deception
11:49 What Should Young People Study?
The OpenAI study that was mentioned: Occupational Heterogeneity in Exposure to Generative AI
19:11 Book Recommendations to Prepare for the Future
Get the book READ WRITE OWN by Chris Dixon
21:15 A Day in the Life of Misha da Vinci: Balancing Work and Passion
23:48 Essential Advice for Living in 2024: Adaptability, Creativity, and Optimism
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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist, tech thinker, and writer.
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Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Host Misha da Vinci engages in a profound conversation with Will Cady, Reddit's global brand ambassador, about the essence and necessity of creativity in the rapidly evolving future. The discussion delves into Cady's multifaceted role as a musician, marketer, mystic, author, and meditation teacher, underlining his approach to enhancing human creativity and decision-making in personal and professional realms. They cover practical steps to tap into one's creative self, the integration of AI in the creative process, and the importance of maintaining a human-centric approach in the digital age. The episode is enriched with a guided meditation exercise led by Cady, aimed at fostering listener's creativity and readiness for future challenges.
00:00 Introduction to Creativity and Meditation
00:30 Welcome to The grftf Podcast: A Dive into Creativity
01:00 Exploring Creativity with Will Cady
01:34 Will Cady's Multifaceted Journey: From Music to Meditation
02:50 Embracing Multiple Identities and Staying True to Oneself
04:46 The Power of Context in Shaping Identity
06:11 Will Cady's Roots: Growing Up in a Countercultural Household
07:57 Navigating the Sameness of the Internet Era
08:58 Creativity as a Counter to Digital Overload
25:47 The Human Element in Creativity and Mistakes
29:23 Harnessing Technology as Scaffolding for Human Potential
32:22 Exploring the Depths of Creativity and Spatial Design
32:45 The Power of Creativity: From Books to Emotional Landscapes
34:56 Harnessing Creativity and the Role of Technology
37:00 A Guided Meditation to Unlock Creative Potential
44:22 Creativity in the Workplace: A New Approach to Wellness
47:21 The Magic of Collective Creativity and Meditation
53:37 Navigating the Future with AI and Creativity
58:58 Extended Reality and Immersive Experiences: A New Frontier
01:01:24 Simple Practices to Enhance Creativity and Connection
01:03:24 Looking Ahead: Personal Journeys and Creative Adventures
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Will's website:
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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist, tech thinker, and writer.
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Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Misha and Emmy award-winning investigative reporter Hilke Schellmann explore the profound impact of AI on the job hiring process and employee management. They discuss the growing prevalence of AI in screening resumes, conducting video interviews, and making employment decisions in various companies, including the procedures that lead to biases and potentially unfair employment practices. The conversation also offers tangible strategies for job seekers to navigate this AI-dominated landscape, such as optimizing resumes for AI, utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT for interview preparation, and directly engaging with recruiters to bypass AI screening. The episode underscores the importance of understanding and combating the impersonal aspects of AI in hiring, pushing for a balance between automation and the human facets of employment, such as loyalty and passion for the work. The conversation is framed around Schellmann's research and her book 'The Algorithm: How AI Decides Who Gets Hired, Monitored, Promoted, and Fired and Why We Need to Fight Back,' urging a reevaluation of AI's role in society and work.
00:00 The Rise of AI in Hiring: An Overview
02:48 Introducing Hilke Schellmann
03:37 Hilke's Journey: From Philosophy to Investigative Journalism
11:58 Exploring the Impact of AI on Hiring and Work Culture
16:37 The Flaws and Biases of AI in Recruitment
23:57 Rethinking Hiring: The Need for a More Holistic Approach
31:59 The Future of Hiring: Innovations and Ethical Considerations
39:42 The Algorithmic Influence on Job Searches
40:40 Gender Disparities in Job Applications
41:36 The Role of Algorithms in Job Recommendations
42:51 Encouraging Diversity Through Algorithmic Changes
44:22 Exploring AI in Recruitment: Gamified Assessments
47:25 The Impact of AI on Hiring and Workplace Diversity
51:20 AI-Based Video Interviews: A New Hiring Trend
58:35 The Controversial Use of AI in Employee Monitoring
01:08:06 Navigating the Algorithm-Mediated World of Work
Connect with Hilke Schellmann
The book:
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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist, tech thinker, and writer.
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Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

This episode of The grftf Podcast, hosted by Misha da Vinci, compiles thought-provoking clips from previous episodes. You’ll learn about: Gen Z's willingness to trust technology more than themselves, the evil of Big Tech, workplace surveillance, smart cities, human relationships & technology, and the impact of AI & XR on education and healthcare.
Experts across various fields share their insights on how technology affects society, the economy, and individual privacy, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges posed by rapid technological advancements.
The episode emphasizes the importance of embracing future technologies responsibly while advocating for data literacy and active participation in shaping a tech-enabled future.
01:30 GenZ's Surrender to Technology – Tracey Follows
03:12 The Dark Side of Big Tech's Dominance – Tom Kemp
06:37 The Data Surveillance/Data Collection We Face – Daniel Solove
12:18 Workplace Surveillance of Your Brain – Nita Farahany
18:07 The Need for Data Literacy in a Data-Driven World – Wendy H. Wong
22:03 How Big Tech Dominates AI – Amba Kak
25:36 Smart Cities & Hundreds of Millions of Hidden Sensors – John Lorinc
30:49 Gender Preferences, Tech & the Future of Human Relationships – Jennifer Sciubba
39:40 Education & Healthcare Innovations: The Promise of AI and XR – Alvin W. Graylin
42:03 The Transformative Power of Large Language Models – John Nosta
46:29 Embracing the Future: Advice for the Next Generation & Everyone Else – Rohit Bhargava
These are the full episode titles in clip order:
Ep 2 | Who Will You Be in the Future — Tracey Follows
Ep 3 | Controlling Our Toxic Relationship with Big Tech — Tom Kemp
Ep 6 | AI, Digital Dossiers, & Our Lost Right to Privacy — Daniel Solove
Ep 1 | Neurotechnology, Brain Transparency, & the Fight for Cognitive Freedom — Nita Farahany
Ep 12 | AI & the Datafication of Our Everyday Lives — Wendy Wong
Ep 5 | Whoever Owns AI Controls the Future — Amba Kak
Ep 9 | The Rise of Smart Cities and How to Get Ready — John Lorinc
Ep 10 | Population Changes & What the World Looks Like in the Future — Jennifer Sciubba
Ep 11 | AI, the Metaverse, & Our Next Reality – Alvin Graylin
Ep 8 | AI, Super Reality, & the Cognitive Age —John Nosta
Ep 7 | The Future Normal: AI, Innovations, & Trends — Rohit Bhargava
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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist, tech thinker, and writer.
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Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

Misha chats with Wendy Wong, author of We the Data: Human Rights in the Digital Age. They discuss datafication and its pervasive impact on our lives, the role of A.I., data as a plural entity, and the importance of humans. Wong introduces the concept of data literacy, emphasizing the need for collective understanding and competence in handling data. The conversation also explores the responsibilities of big tech companies, potential regulatory measures, and the concept of data unionization from a human rights perspective, deviating from purely economic motivations. Additionally, Wong shares insights into her interdisciplinary research on AI literacy and data safety, hinting at future work on the socio-political impacts of technology companies.
00:00 Introduction: The Human Element in AI
00:27 The Intrusion of Data Industry in Our Lives
01:07 Meet the Expert: Wendy H. Wong
02:36 The Journey of a Political Scientist
04:25 The Impact of Datafication on Our Lives
06:43 The Role of Corporations in Data Governance
07:52 The Challenges of Balancing Personal and Professional Life
08:18 The Future of Our Children in the Digital Age
09:23 The Threat and Potential of Datafication
17:53 The Intrusion of Ring Doorbell in Our Privacy
24:36 Understanding Datafication and Its Impact
26:25 The Role of Big Tech in Global Governance
26:47 The Human Rights Issue in Datafication
27:59 The Business Perspective of Datafication
32:26 The Business of Data and Human Rights
33:08 Understanding the Nature of Data
33:22 The Stickiness of Data
35:09 The Intricacies of Biometric Data
35:37 The Interconnectedness of Data
36:13 The Co-Creation of Data
37:56 The Risks of DNA Data
39:38 The Value and Theft of Data
41:25 The Need for Data Governance
43:00 The Role of AI in Data Collection
54:56 The Importance of Data Literacy
01:01:00 The Future of Data and Technology
Connect with Wendy H. Wong
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Misha da Vinci is a futurologist and founder of grftf a media & tech brand that is transporting humanity into the future. 
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Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

Misha chats with technology pioneer Alvin Wang Graylin, covering the profound impact of AI, VR, and the metaverse on societal changes. Graylin shares his personal journey from China to the U.S., highlighting how his background shaped his vision for technology's role in fostering empathy, breaking down barriers, and democratizing access to information. The episode also delves into the broader implications of technological progress, encouraging listeners to adopt a long-term perspective to contribute positively to the future. It underscores the importance of continuous learning and critical thinking in adapting to and leading in a rapidly evolving world. Additionally, the script references 'Our Next Reality, How the AI-Powered Metaverse Will Reshape the World' by Alvin Graylin and Louis Rosenberg, promoting it as a guide to understanding and navigating the future shaped by immersive technologies.
00:00 Introduction to the Metaverse
01:02 Guest Introduction: Alvin Wang Graylin
02:36 Alvin's Personal Journey and Background
07:15 Understanding Cultural Differences and Empathy
11:39 The Role of Technology in Shaping Our Future
15:08 The Evolution of HTC and the Future of VR
27:11 The Inevitability of the Metaverse
31:45 The Role of AI in the Metaverse
34:56 The Power Shift in Art and Culture
35:50 The Role of AI in Liberating Creativity
36:35 The Impact of AI on Global Culture
37:25 The Potential Dangers of AI and the Metaverse
38:56 The Need for Policy Makers in the Age of AI
41:00 The Role of AI in Education
44:01 The Future of Work in the Metaverse
59:09 The Impact of AI on Health and Medicine
01:01:51 The Future of the Metaverse and Society
01:09:32 Preparing for the AI-Powered Metaverse
Connect with Alvin Graylin
The Book: Our Next Reality: How the AI-Powered Metaverse Will Reshape the World
Misha da Vinci is a futurologist and founder of grftf a media & tech brand that is transporting humanity into the future. 
Connect with Misha
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